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Veterinarian Technician

Video Tech Tip: Dental Tips

    At our animal hospital, there are many small tips that we use during dental cleanings to make the process easier and more client friendly. We use a rubber band on the pulse-ox probe to keep it in place (this is especially helpful when monitoring cats and small dogs), we take before and after pictures of all teeth using our digital camera (clients are especially appreciative to receive these because it shows how beneficial the cleaning is), we use a tuberculin syringe cut to fit the size of the mouth or a hair curler to keep the mouth opened (it works much better than the metal mouth gag and is less likely to damage the teeth), we use the fingertip of a rubber glove to protect our dental radiography probe and keep it dry, and for larger dogs we use a hair curler to keep the probe in place while stepping away to take a radiograph of the teeth.
    Submitted by Susan Hmara, LVT