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Veterinarian Technician May 2012 (Vol 33, No 5)

Tech Tips

    Color-Coded Dental Charts

    To help our staff remember specific dental information for our canine and feline patients, I created two color-coded charts — one for cats and one for dogs . The charts diagram the upper and lower teeth for each species, identifying molars, premolars, canines, and incisors, as well as the number of roots. These laminated information sheets also include the dental formulas for cats and dogs.
    Susan J. Farris, CVT
    New Berlin Animal Hospital
    New Berlin, Wisconsin

    Beds for Feline Patients

    Many feline patients like to sleep in their litterbox. To make them feel more comfortable and secure when hospitalized, we provide temporary beds by placing a blanket in empty canned food cardboard boxes. We also repurpose these boxes, without blankets, as beds for patients with parvovirus; we simply throw out the box once the patient is discharged.
    Isabelle Cormier, RVT
    Grey Cove Veterinary Health Centre

    New Brunswick, Canada

    Premium Prizes for Parasite Prevention

    To bring awareness to the need to combat heartworms, fleas, and ticks, we hold monthly raffles with prizes for pets and their owners who purchase a year’s supply of heartworm or flea and tick preventives. Clients have a chance to win a great prize like a day at the spa (for the pet, it’s a trip to the groomer) while also saving money by purchasing the products at a discounted price. This program has proven to be an excellent incentive for clients, and we get the satisfaction of knowing we’re promoting comprehensive parasite control for our patients.
    Angela Juarez
    Bourbonnais, Illinois

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