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Veterinarian Technician July 2012 (Vol 33, No 7)

Tech Tips

    Contests for Clients and Pets

    Our clinic uses monthly themed specials to motivate and engage clients. During June and July we have “Biggest Loser” contests for pets on veterinarian-approved weight loss programs. In October, we hold a costume contest, and in November and December, we hold a food drive for local shelters. Each client who participates is entered into a monthly drawing for a free nail trim and a goody bag. Clients and their pets love the prizes.
    Stacy Balwierz
    Minooka, Illinois

    Hot Water Bag Bed Warmers

    Fill a 60-mL catheter tip syringe with tap water and empty it into a used IV bag multiple times until the bag is three-fourths full. Plug the bag tightly with the used needle cap, and hang the bag for a couple of hours to ensure that it doesn’t leak. Microwave the bag for 3 to 4 minutes, and use it as a bed warmer. Make sure the bag isn’t too hot and that the patient doesn’t have direct contact with it.
    Deirdra Baker
    Erie, Pennsylvania

    A Smoother-running Surgery Lab

    To help the surgery lab in our veterinary technology program run more smoothly, we color-code the masks and breathing circuit tubing (pediatric, adult, non-rebreathing) to match each of our anesthesia machines. We keep the tubing and masks in large lingerie or mesh bags, so the supplies remain organized and attached to their respective machine.
    Jeannie Stall, RVT
    Des Moines Area Community College
    Ankeny, Iowa

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