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Veterinarian Technician January 2013 (Vol 34, No 1)

Tech Tips

    Keeping Supplies Organized

    To keep our supply drawers neat, we apply adhesive Velcro to the bottoms of plastic containers and to their places in the drawers. This keeps the containers from shifting when the drawers are opened and closed. Velcro also works well for hanging thyroid shields and gloves in our radiography room.
    Wanda Hughes
    Chateau Veterinary Hospital
    Kenner, Louisiana

    Reusing Bubble Wrap

    When receiving orders from suppliers, we save all bubble wrap for packaging outgoing laboratory samples.
    Isabelle Cormier, RVT
    Grey Cove Veterinary Health Centre
    New Brunswick, Canada

    Keeping Boarded Dogs Occupied

    To help keep boarded dogs occupied, we put a small amount of wet dog food in a toy that holds treats and then freeze it. This frozen toy treat requires a lot of licking, helping to keep these dogs occupied a couple of times a day.
    Tammy MacLeod, RVT, VTS (ECC)
    Western Veterinary Specialist & Emergency Centre
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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