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Veterinary Forum February 2008 (Vol 25, No 2)

Editor's Note: A call for papers

by Marie Rosenthal

    Forum's goal is to provide clinical information that you can use in your daily practice. Interviews with key opinion leaders, combined with your comments, experiences and case presentations, are invaluable tools to enable you to keep up with this quickly changing field.

    Giving you a forum for case presentations and tips is why we publish peer-reviewed articles and Reader Forum.

    You have shown that this is a useful format. Four times a year, we hire an independent firm to survey our readers about Forum. What do you like and dislike? Your comments are telling: "Tear out useful articles and file them for quick reference." "Forum's real world information is a pleasure to read and helps me further my education every month." "Veterinary Forum is probably the most practical, helpful resource I get." And my favorite: "A few times after reading an article, I've had a similar case come through the door."

    For example, we recently published a peer-reviewed article by Dr. Aaron Wehrenberg and his colleagues about performing a tracheostomy. Shortly after, a reader called. He had to perform the same procedure but needed more information. I got the two of them together. Now, for me, that is a rewarding day.

    I can't perform surgery, administer a shot or conduct a test, but if I can provide one usable piece of information every month, I think Forum is worthwhile.

    But we can't do it without you. We can't publish good articles unless you send them. We did have a backlog of peer-reviewed manuscripts for awhile, but we are catching up, with some articles now accepted for publication, some still out for review and the rest back to the authors for revisions. (If you submitted a paper but haven't heard from us for awhile, please email me at mrosenthal@vetlearn.com.)

    We also look forward to receiving your tips for Reader Forum and, of course, any Most Unusual Cases. Do you have a handy tip or have you handled a funny or whimsical case? If so, share your wisdom and fond memories with colleagues — and receive an honorarium, too. Sounds like a perfect deal to me.

    For detailed Submission Guidelines and to renew your subscrip­tion, check out our redesigned website at ForumVet.com. You also can receive free continuing education at vetlearn.com.

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