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Reference Desk August 2011

Pet Owners Across the Country Honor Their Veterinarians During World Veterinary Year

    Morris Animal Foundation Offers Program for Clients to Recognize Their Veterinarian

    DENVER, Aug.  24, 2011—In conjunction with many veterinary organizations across the globe, Morris Animal Foundation is celebrating World Veterinary Year by recognizing the important role veterinarians play in the health of our animals. This year marks the 250th anniversary of the founding of the world’s first veterinary school in Lyon, France, and World Veterinary Year celebrates the rich history of the veterinary profession and the veterinarians around the world who continue to protect and promote animal health.

    Morris Animal Foundation is also helping clients celebrate the role veterinarians play in promoting the human–animal bond and working to prevent, treat and cure disease so that animals might have longer, healthier lives. Through the Foundation’s Honor Your Veterinarian program, clients can recognize their dedicated veterinarian by sending a card or, with a gift of $500 or more, placing their veterinarian on Morris Animal Foundation’s Veterinary Honor Roll. Veterinarians added to the Veterinary Honor Roll receive a beautiful, customized plaque to display in their clinic, and they will be recognized in our eNews and on our website. The following veterinarians were recently added to the Veterinary Honor Roll:

    Dr. Kirk Weicht
    Brown Trail Animal Hospital
    Southlake, Texas

    Dr. Keri Jones
    Homeward Bound Animal Hospital
    Arvada, Colorado

    Dr. Jackie Suarez
    Alexandria Animal Hospital 
    Alexandria, Virginia

    Dr. Ryan Steen
    Frey Pet Hospital
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    Dr. Wendy Asato
    Makai Animal Clinic
    Kailua, Hawaii

    Dr. Melinda S. Cumming
    Spring Glen Veterinary Hospital
    Renton, Washington

    Dr. Monica Slovak
    High Point Animal Hospital
    Whitehouse, Ohio

    Dr. Hires Gage
    Fairway Animal Hospital
    Fairway, Kansas

    Dr. Roger Pettigrew
    Animal Back & Brain Center
    Irvine, California

    Morris Animal Foundation congratulates these fine veterinarians and thanks them for their dedication to help create a healthier tomorrow for animals. For more information on the Honor Your Veterinarian Program, go to www.MorrisAnimalFoundation.org/articles/honor-your-vet.html.
    Source: Morris Animal Foundation


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