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Reference Desk July 2011

Excellence in animal welfare, public health, education and research honored at AVMA Convention

    St. Louis, July 19, 2011—The American Veterinary Medical Association today honored some of the nation's top veterinarians during an awards ceremony at the association's Annual Convention in St. Louis, Mo.

    Each recipient has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of both animals and people around the country and the globe. These individuals represent the very best in all areas of veterinary medicine, from education and public service to research and private practice.

    This year's award recipients are:

    AVMA President's Award
    This annual award recognizes individuals and groups inside and outside veterinary medicine who have made a positive impact on animal, human or public health, veterinary organizations and the profession.

    Dr. Christina Kornegay
    Dr. Bret Marsh
    Dr. Evan Morse

    AVMA Humane Award
    This award is given annually to a non-veterinarian in recognition of achievements in advancing the welfare of animals through leadership, public service, education, research, product development and/or advocacy.

    Anne Lindsay, Founder, Massachusetts Animal Coalition

    AVMA Award
    This award is designed to recognize distinguished members of the Association who have contributed to the advancement of veterinary medicine in its organizational aspects.

    Dr. John W. Albers

    Charles River Prize
    This award recognizes distinguished contributions to laboratory animal science and promotes educational growth in the field.

    Dr. Steven Leary

    XII International Veterinary Congress Prize
    This award recognizes outstanding service by an AVMA member who has contributed to international understanding of veterinary medicine.

    Dr. Paula L. Cowen

    AVMA Public Service Award
    This award recognizes an AVMA member veterinarian for long terms of outstanding public service or unusual contributions to the practice or science of public health and regulatory veterinary medicine.

    Dr. John P. Huntley

    AVMA Practitioner Research Award
    This award is given annually to a veterinarian in recognition of his or her achievements in research that have advanced the veterinary profession.

    Dr. Dominic J. Marino

    Animal Welfare Award
    This award is given annually to an AVMA member veterinarian to recognize achievements in advancing the welfare of animals through leadership, public service, education, research, product development and/or advocacy.

    Dr. Jan Shearer

    AVMF/AKC Career Achievement in Canine Research Award
    This award honors a candidate's long-term contribution to the field of canine research.

    Dr. Peter Muir

    AVMF/Winn Feline Foundation Research Award
    This award honors a candidate's contribution to advancing feline research.

    Dr. Jody Gookin

    Lifetime Excellence in Research Award
    This award recognizes a veterinary researcher on the basis of lifetime achievement in basic, applied or clinical research.

    Dr. Donald F. Patterson

    Student AVMA Teaching Excellence Award
    This annual award recognizes excellence, innovation and enthusiasm in the field of clinical veterinary science and education.

    Dr. Linda Mizer

    Student AVMA Community Outreach Excellence Award
    This award recognizes a professor who goes beyond collegiate responsibilities to focus on education in the community.

    Dr. Karen K. Cornell

    For more information, please visit www.avma.org.

    The AVMA, founded in 1863, is one of the oldest and largest veterinary medical organizations in the world. More than 81,500 member veterinarians worldwide are engaged in a wide variety of professional activities. The year 2011 is being celebrated by veterinarians around the world as Vet2011, the 250th anniversary of the birth of veterinary medicine and education.

    Source: AVMA


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