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Compendium February 2007 (Vol 29, No 2)

Web Sights (February 2007)

    Breeds of Livestock


    Are you afraid to admit to equine colleagues that you can't tell a Faeroes pony from a Finnhorse? Have you spent any time wondering whether the fa­mous movie star, Charlotte, is an American Yorkshire, a Large white, or a Chester White? Do you want to know the difference between haired and Merino sheep? Look no further; this site is for you. With this site's easy navigation and many photos, breed trivia has never been more user-friendly or fun. From ruminants to racehorses, get ready to revel in a really remarkable roster of representative breeds from 'round the world.

    Animal Sounds


    For the first time, more than 65,000 sound clips and approximately 18,000 video clips of birds and other animals are accessible at no charge at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Macaulay Library Web site. The Cornell Lab formerly shared these remarkable sounds through audio guides. Although the collection has a North American emphasis, it includes a generous sampling from around the world. Visitors can listen to birds while watching a real-time spectrogram and waveform scroll. This feature, called Raven Viewer, is the first and only player that allows real-time visualization of sounds on the Internet. The player recently won a prize in Science magazine's "Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge," which recognizes outstanding achievement in using visual media to promote understanding of scientific phenomena.

    Through a Lens Beautifully


    The history of life unfolds in 90 gorgeous photographs from renowned nature photographer Frans Lanting. "Life: A Journey Through Time" is a Web version of his book featuring a score by Philip Glass. To depict geologic and evolutionary events, this timeline uses modern landscapes that resemble those of primordial Earth. Extinct animals are represented by their nearest living relatives. The site is elegant, easy to use, and beautiful. The photography and architecture will woo and wow you. The visual timeline makes it easy to remember exactly what was alive during different periods of history.

    Emailed Suggestions

    • www.petsofhomeless.com introduces the concept of setting up your clinic as a collection site for food for pets of the homeless. There is undoubtedly a need for this, and for a small fee, you can be altruistic and get a media kit that promotes your good deeds.
    • www.pondturtle.com/longev.html could be useful if a client wants to know the potential life span of a reptile pet.
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