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Compendium August 2009 (Vol 31, No 8)

News Bites (August 2009)

    DogTime Media Gets Social

    DogTime Media has joined the Facebook craze with its new app, "Save A Dog." The application, one of the first in which online gaming positively affects the real world, allows pet lovers to help actual animal shelters and pets, all while having fun online. Facebook users can browse photos of real-life adoptable dogs and choose to foster one for the day. Fostered dogs can also be "co-fostered" by friends. Users can pick a new dog each day. The real-life upside is that, by fostering dogs and having friends co-foster them, users earn points that go toward buying food for real dogs in shelters.

    Public Health Goes to the Dogs

    The AVMA is applauding the introduction of new public health legislation that "highlights the critical role veterinarians in public and private practice have in public health and [...] recognizes the need for federal investment in bolstering the veterinary workforce, which is on the front lines of public health, food safety and animal health," according to Dr. Ron DeHaven, AVMA chief executive officer. The bill, known as the Veterinary Public Health Education and Workforce Act, creates new programs for training veterinarians and offers additional federal support to protect public health.

    DogTime Creates Pet Insurance Center

    DogTime, the largest online entity in the $45.4 billion US pet market, has launched a comprehensive online pet insurance center. The center allows pet owners to compare different options using the Plan Comparison Grid, an interactive grid that compares plans side by side based on 10 criteria. The grid can be customized to compare just the plans that are relevant to a particular shopper's needs. The Web site also offers guidance to pet owners through editorial content that explains key issues and concerns about pet insurance.

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