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Journal June 2008 (Vol 30, No 6)

NOTE: You have already passed this course.
NOTE: This course is no longer valid for accreditation purposes.

Canine Drowning CE Article #1

1. Which condition does not result immediately after aspiration of a large volume of freshwater?
2. Which condition does not contribute to intrapulmonary shunting after aspiration of salt water?
3. Which condition is not a feature of ARDS?
4. On-site resuscitation efforts can consist of all of the following except
5. Which is the most important diagnostic test/tool when a drowned animal presents to the hospital?
6. Which is not a purpose of PEEP or CPAP?
7. Which therapy should be used in the treatment of drowned animals?
8. _________ is not part of the diving reflex.
9. Which statement regarding ice-water submersion injuries is true?
10. Which statement regarding prevention of submersion injuries is false?
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