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Pathophysiology of Osteoarthritis CE Article #1

1. Which molecule is one of the most important catabolic cytokines implicated in the pathophysiology of OA?
2. Which molecules stimulate production of MMPs in equine joint disease?
3. Which metabolite is associated with chondrocyte apoptosis?
4. Which peptide is associated with the development of osteophytes in OA?
5. Which MMPs have collagenase activity?
6. Which of the following describes the main effect of serine proteases in OA?
7. Which metabolite can down-regulate IL-1 and MMP expression?
8. Which organ/tissue is the main producer of IGFs?
9. Which growth factor could be associated with imbalanced proteoglycan synthesis in OA?
10. Which of the following describes the effects of leptin in OA?
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