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Veterinarian Technician

Video Tech Tips

    Blood Pressure Cuffs
    Chest Tube Aspiration
    A simple small file folder organizer can separate cuffs by size and keep Doppler blood pressure equipment neat and easily accessible. This 30-second video clip illustrates a technician aspirating a chest tube during a procedure.
    Closed Urinary Collection System
    Dental Tips
    Using an empty IV fluid bag for a closed urinary collection system allows for easy monitoring of the amount of urine the animal is producing as well as visualize the appearance of the urine. The tips in this video can help make dental cleanings easier and more client friendly.
    Disposable Mouth Gag
    E-Collar Attachment Alternative
    This is a quick and easy way to make a mouth gag for passing orogastric tubes. A bandana helped a patient that had to have an e-collar stay on for 2 weeks.
    Keeping Reptiles Warm
    Proper Avian Restraint
    A latex exam glove filled with warm water can help keep cold-blooded patients warm for the ride home. This tip demonstrates how to properly restrain a large bird — in this case a macaw — for a physical examination.
    Quick Set-up for ECG Monitoring
    Tag Removal or Placement
    This tip demonstrates how to quickly and efficiently hook up surgical patients to ECG monitoring. An ordinary office staple remover can be used to pinch the tag in the junction of the ring, separate the pieces, and slide on the new tag.
    Utility Cart

    Postoperative Monitoring Sheet

    A garden utility cart in the ICU functions as storage for blankets and towels as well as a cage side table or gurney. Click here for a PDF of the handy postoperative monitoring sheet described in this video.


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