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Veterinarian Technician February 2013 (Vol 34, No 2)

Tech Tips

    Monogramming Bandages and Splints

    Before sending a patient home with a bandage or splint, we sometimes monogram the bandage by cutting the patient’s name from a colorful self-adhesive bandage. Owners really appreciate the thoughtful gesture.
    Isabelle Cormier, RVT
    Grey Cove Veterinary Health Centre
    New Brunswick, Canada

    Attaching Tags to Rings

    attaching a tag

    To help attach microchip or rabies tags to their metal rings, we “open” the ring using a staple remover and advance the tag onto the ring.
    Cindy Utech, AHT

    Creating an Instrument Binder


    Our technician assistants are usually the ones to clean, wrap, and autoclave surgical instruments. To help them and new employees with this process and to ensure consistency, I created an instrument binder. I took photographs of all our instruments before and after wrapping them in autoclave tubing. In a large binder with photo pages, I labeled each instrument’s photos, including instructions on how to clean and wrap each instrument and whether it requires gas sterilization or autoclaving. The photo label also includes the instrument’s cubby location code (e.g., C3): the letter corresponds to the cubby row and the number to the column. The binder also includes step-by-step pictures for folding surgical gowns.
    Megan Niehoff, CVT
    Columbus Countryside Veterinary Clinic
    Columbus, Wisconsin

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