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Veterinarian Technician October 2008 (Vol 29, No 10)

State News: Massachusetts (October 2008)

    The Massachusetts Veterinary Technician Association (MVTA) recently submitted legislation that would license veterinary technicians in the state. House Bill #4770 states:

    • Certified veterinary technicians in good standing with the MVTA will be license eligible.
    • Technicians who graduated from an AVMA-accredited program and passed the Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE) will be license eligible.
    • Graduates of an AVMA-accredited program who have not yet passed the VTNE may sit for the VTNE to become license eligible.
    • Licensed veterinary technicians from another state will be granted reciprocity if they meet or exceed the state's licensing requirements.
    • On-the-job-trained technicians, or those with a degree in another related field, who meet certain requirements will be allowed to sit for the VTNE for a limited time and become license eligible.

    For more information about this legislation, visit www.massvta.org/faq.html.

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