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Veterinarian Technician September 2009 (Vol 30, No 9)

State News (September 2009)


    The Alaska Veterinary Technician Association (AVTA) is holding a veterinary technician meeting on Saturday, Oct. 3, at 5:15 pm at the Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage. Denise Mikita, MS, CVT, will be the guest speaker. Denise is the president-elect of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) and the executive director of the Colorado Association of Certified Veterinary Technicians. She will provide an update on NAVTA activities and discuss ways to strengthen AVTA and increase its viability for its membership. Alaskan technicians are invited to join the meeting and share thoughts and ideas. Questions or suggestions for meeting agenda topics can be sent to Jayne Crupi, LVT, at jaynecrupi@hotmail.com.


    The Florida Veterinary Technicians Association (FLVTA) is investigating the opportunity to join the Florida Veterinary Corp. as a sponsoring organization of the State Agricultural Response Team (SART). Currently, SART has 10 CVTs and 17 non-CVT members.

    SART is a multiagency coordination group that supports our Emergency Support Function 17 at the State Emergency Operations Center.


    The Pennsylvania Veterinary Technician Association (PVTA) recently held its 3rd annual Keystone Veterinary Conference August 13-16 in Hershey. The conference offered quality CE to veterinary technicians from all areas of Pennsylvania.

    The 2009 Student Scholarship Award was given to Audrey Alt, who is currently attending the veterinary technician program at Manor College in Jenkintown. Audrey received a $500 check to help fund her education in veterinary technology.

    The 2009 Pennsylvania Veterinary Technician of the Year Award went to Jamie DeFazio, CVT, nursing supervisor at The University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center. Jamie continues to bring outstanding nursing care to her equine patients, which included Barbaro after the horse's severe injury at the Preakness Stakes. Jamie also has lectured for multiple organizations, is a regional contact for the American Association of Equine Veterinary Technicians and Assistants and is an active member of both PVTA and NAVTA.

    Congratulations to both of these outstanding individuals.

    New officers also were elected. They include:

    • President — Danielle Simmons, CVT
    • President-elect — Jane Gruber, CVT
    • Vice President — Brandy Terry, CVT, VTS (ECC).


    The Texas Association of Registered Veterinary Technicians (TARVT) executive board is in need of enthusiastic individuals who are willing to put time and effort into encouraging the growth of the profession. The positions of vice president, president-elect, treasurer, secretary and associate representative are still open and need to be filled for 2010. The duties of each position are listed in the TARVT Bylaws at www.tarvt.org.

    Candidates for the office of vice president and president-elect must be active members in good standing for a minimum of 2 years. Candidates for the other open positions must be active members. Only associate members may nominate or vote to elect the associate representative.

    Nominations can be made by sending the nominee's name and the position nominated for to Cindy Dittmar, RVT, at cindyd@tarvt.org. Please put "board nomination" in the subject line. All nominations must be submitted by Oct. 9. All nominees must send in a letter of acceptance of nomination by Oct. 9 that includes a brief personal history, reasons for running for office and goals for the association. The personal histories will be made available to association members on request.


    A credential renewal fee was recently approved by the Department of Regulation and Licensing (DRL). The new renewal fee will be $160 for 2 years.

    In a posting on the Wisconsin Veterinary Technician Association (WVTA) website, Interim WVTA President Teri Raffel, CVT, said that while it is regrettable that the new renewal fee is high, if a technician chooses not to renew his or her credential, then he or she cannot be called a veterinary technician and may not be able to continue to perform some technician duties.

    For more information, visit wvta.homestead.com.

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