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Journal October 2011 (Vol 32, No 10)

NOTE: You have already passed this course.
NOTE: This course is no longer valid for accreditation purposes.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Cats by Kathleen Dunbar , BA, RVT

1. Feline IBD is thought to result from interplay between all of the following except
2. Findings associated with inflammation of the large intestine may include
3. In their role as client educators, technicians should
4. Which of the following can be used for long-term pharmaceutical treatment of IBD without adverse effects?
5. A low cobalamin level in a cat with IBD is associated with
6. Laboratory findings in IBD of the small intestine may include
7. The World Small Animal Veterinary Association Gastrointestinal Standards Group has guidelines aimed at ______________________ feline IBD.
8. The most common clinical signs of feline IBD are
9. A defective NOD2 receptor
10. A clinical index can
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