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Veterinarian Technician May 2009 (Vol 30, No 5)

FDA: Nutro Not Subject of Investigation

by Paul Basilio

    FRANKLIN, Tenn. — Nutro Products, manufacturer of Nutro pet food, is not the subject of an investigation by the Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine (FDA CVM), the agency confirmed.

    Citing several anonymous sources, ConsumerAffairs.com claimed that Nutro Products, owned by Mars Inc., had been the subject of an ongoing investigation by the FDA and was being targeted for potential criminal or civil investigation into the complaints.

    The FDA normally does not confirm or deny ongoing or potential investigations, but Laura Alvey, spokesperson for the FDA, told Forum, "I can confirm that Nutro Products is not the subject of a current FDA investigation."

    After the story broke, Nutro officials contacted the FDA, according to Monica Barrett, pet specialty communication manager at Nutro Products. "This was the first we had heard about an investigation, so we followed up with our FDA contacts to find out if there was something going on. They confirmed there was no investigation," she said. "We then put all of our information together and tried to reach out to ConsumerAffairs.com to clarify the situation. After submitting our statement [to the website], however, they posted another article that reiterated there was an investigation."

    "Our story speaks for itself," said James R. Hood, CEO and editor-in-chief of ConsumerAffairs.com.

    Nutro recently released a statement to the public to reassure consumers that the company's products conform to the standards set by the FDA, the US Department of Agriculture and the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

    A separate report published in February on ConsumerAffairs.com claimed that Nutro and another pet food manufacturer were the subjects of an impending class action lawsuit, but Barrett said no legal action has occurred. "After seeing [that] article, we contacted all parties who could have potentially been notified [by outside lawyers], such as our own attorneys," she said. "There is no class action lawsuit. If it were happening, I don't think we would find out about it on the Internet."

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