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Veterinarian Technician August 2006 (Vol 27, No 8) Focus: Reproduction

Editorial: "Guiding Your Own Career"

by Aggie Kiefer

    We all became involved with veterinary medicine because we care about animals, but now more than ever career opportunities for technicians are endless. When I give presentations for technician students, I remind them that there are rarely over­night success stories when it comes to making career dreams come true. Instead, we have to follow our hearts, do the legwork, and guide our own careers if we hope to find joy and fulfillment.

    I am often inspired by the technicians I meet through my work with Veterinary Technician. We all have our own story to share about how we came to be in this profession. Some of us started as kennel workers while in high school, and others came to this career as a second or even third choice. In each issue of the journal, the technician who is featured on the cover shares his or her story. Our aim is to give readers a chance to meet technicians who work in a variety of settings. These technicians have chosen their own path — sometimes by just getting involved in areas that interest them — to get where they are today. A great example is Mary Cotter, EdD, LVT, who is featured on this month's cover. Mary's path to the profession (see page 509) started when she was a photographer for People and became involved in rabbit rescue.

    Also in this month's issue is an article by Nancy Peterson, RVT, about trap"neuter"release programs for feral cats — a subject close to Nancy's heart. Nancy, who has worked for The HSUS for several years, is now the organization's new Feral Cat Program Manager, a job that fits her desire to educate the public and at the same time help our feline friends. Nancy was featured on the cover of Veterinary Technician in August 2002, and she will be the first to tell you that her career has been an evolutionary process. Katherine Dobbs, RVT, whose article about becoming involved in clinic management also appears in this issue, first approached us last year about writing for the journal and we have since published several of her papers. One of her articles caught the eye of an organizer of the Southern Veterinary Conference, and as a result, she was asked to give a presentation at this year's conference. This has opened up new opportunities for Katherine.

    We must share our experiences with each other, work together, and support one another in our ambitions. If we are inspired in what we do, we'll never know where our path will take us!

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