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Veterinarian Technician October 2006 (Vol 27, No 10) Focus: Exotics

Editorial: "Celebrating the 'Moment'"

by Aggie Kiefer

    When I think of veterinary technicians, the first word that comes to mind is dedicated. All the technicians I have met through the years have given tirelessly of themselves to help animals in need, often extending their care well beyond the day-to-day confines of their job. After putting in long hours at work, many technicians head home to take care of their own pets or devote their time to animal rescue groups.

    When I speak with technicians at conferences, I often hear stories of how they have taken in rejected, neglected, or abused pets (see the box "Pitted Against the Odds" on page 645). Many even house or foster animals in need of special care until permanent homes can be found. In fact, our homes are frequently filled with pets no one else seems to want or have time for. Only 2 months after I proclaimed the famous words "no more pets," I have adopted two new animals — because if I didn't, who would? Although this may seem strange to the outside world, these qualities are what make us technicians.

    Long hours, heartbreaking outcomes, hard-to-please owners, fractious animals, and, often, not enough respect or pay are all part of a technician's day-to-day life. Despite all that, we are dedicated to a cause we believe in more than anything else: the care and well-being of animals. Why? What made us realize we wanted to be technicians? When Veterinary Technician asked readers this question, the response was overwhelming. The "Moment I Knew" was so memorable for so many people that we could not fit all the stories in one issue. This month, in honor of National Veterinary Technician Week (NVTW), we are sharing a handful of the wonderful "moments" we received. And because technicians' contributions are not limited to 1 week in the year, we will continue to share these stories with you over the next several issues.

    From all of us who work to bring you Veterinary Technician, I want to thank you for your dedication and wish you a very happy NVTW. Keep up the great work! I am proud to be part of such a wonderful profession.

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