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Journal February 2012 (Vol 33, No 2)

NOTE: You have already passed this course.
NOTE: This course is no longer valid for accreditation purposes.

Dental Checkup: Common Dental Pathology: It Must Be Recognized to Be Treated! by Patricia M. Dominguez , BS, LVT, VTS (Dentistry)

1. Supernumerary teeth
2. A good oral history includes
3. Crowded teeth can cause problems because they
4. If a dental radiograph shows an unerupted tooth covered by a layer of bone, the tooth is
5. Which treatment option should not be considered for a fractured tooth?
6. Pulpitis is
7. A tooth with stage 3 mobility moves ___ mm.
8. Over time, contact between a tooth and _________ results in attrition.
9. When an oral mass is charted, its ____________ should be included.
10. Which of the following is not a common oral malignancy?
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