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Journal December 2011 (Vol 32, No 12)

NOTE: You have already passed this course.
NOTE: This course is no longer valid for accreditation purposes.

Dental Checkup: Anesthesia of Dental Patients by Annie Mills , LVT, VTS (Dentistry)

1. Which of the following is not considered when choosing an anesthetic protocol?
2. Recovery from periodontal scaling is usually
3. Including an opioid in the premedication provides sedation and
4. An effective pain management protocol for dental patients should include
5. Pain should be managed
6. During patient monitoring, parameters should be recorded and assessed every
7. A patient’s health can become compromised during
8. Common complications of lengthy dental procedures include
9. Administering intravenous fluids throughout a dental procedure helps to
10. According to one conference session, the predominant reason why clients decline professional dental care for their pets is
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