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Veterinary Forum January 2007 (Vol 24, No 1)

Editor's Note: "Real Promises for the New Year"

by Marie Rosenthal

    Veterinary medicine today is a sophisticated and complex field. Owners want state-of-the-art care for their pets, just as they demand it for themselves. This places an extra burden on veterinarians to meet these raised expectations and growtheir practices.

    To help you meet this need, Veterinary Forum is beginning this year with a new focus and redesign, and you are holding the premier issue in your hands.

    The mission of Forum will be to enhance your ability to practice good clinical medicine while meeting the raised expectations of owners. Veterinarians are among the most trusted professionals in the country, according to the AVMA, and you can increase that esteem by being able to answer owners' questions and help their pets live healthier lives.

    Veterinary medicine is a rapidly changing field, and it is harder and harder to keep up. Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to spend hours pouring over every academic journal? Wouldn't it be great if veterinarians could leave their practices for days on end to attend veterinary conventions? But who can afford to do that?

    We can, and we will do it with you in mind. Not only will we provide the latest information you need for clinical practice, but we also will interview the cutting-edge newsmakers and opinion leaders and ask the questions you need answered.

    This redesign is being done with readers in mind to bring you a more modern, readable, interesting, and well-designed magazine that delivers useful information for your everyday practice. Forum will feature a cover story that takes an in-depth look at a developing issue, clinical news from major veterinary meetings that go beyond proceedings, and an in-depth focus on issues that affect the management of your practice.

    But these are additional features. Veterinary Forum will continue to carry important peer-reviewed content every month in the form of case presentations, lead articles, such as Surgical Update, and our Most Unusual Case. These are real cases from real practices.

    This is my promise to you: We will give you the information you need to practice good clinical medicine: new science, new research, new products, and standards of care. Promise.

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