Registration Help

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Welcome to the all-new Vetlearn! With this website relaunch, some changes have been made to the sign in/registration process. The following information may help you on your first visit:

  • If you are not a Vetlearn member, click "Become a Member" at the bottom right of the welcome page.
  • If you had a Vetlearn account prior to June 2, 2011, when you visit the new site for the first time, please enter your Vetlearn username and password in the "Sign in" section at the top right of the welcome page. Do not enter your email address unless that was your username. After you sign in for the first time on the new site, your new username will be your email address. Your password will remain the same.
  • If you have signed in or became a member on the new site, but haven't received a confirmation email, please check for it in your spam filter.
  • The link in the confirmation email expires after 12 hours. If you received a confirmation email and followed the link, but your new login information doesn’t work, it might be because the confirmation email expired. Try to re-register and respond to the confirmation email within 12 hours.
  • If you tried to reset your password, but the screen said that it was too short, make sure that your password is at least six characters long and click "Update my password." If your password is at least six characters long, it will be accepted by the system, but you can strengthen the security of your password by adding numbers, capital letters, and/or symbols to it.

If this doesn't address your question, please email your question, username, and contact information to A customer service representative will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.