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Reference Desk July 2012

Golden Retriever Owners Participate in Launch of New Canine Health Study

    DENVER, Colorado—Fifty golden retriever owners have signed up to participate in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, a groundbreaking effort to identify ways to better prevent cancer and other diseases in golden retrievers. The small pilot group is testing the online application system and process before open enrollment for the study begins later this summer.

    Once pilot testing is complete, the Morris Animal Foundation will begin open enrollment of 3,000 golden retrievers. To qualify, dogs must be under 2 years of age and in good health. Dogs accepted into the study will participate for their entire lives. The information learned from these dogs is expected to improve the health of all dog breeds.

    “This study requires a long-term commitment from dog owners and their veterinarians,” said Dr. Michael Guy, study director. “We have the potential to learn valuable information that will not only improve canine health but will also significantly advance the entire field of veterinary medicine.”

    “We have lost two out of six golden retrievers to various types of cancer. We also have many friends who have lost their golden's to this horrible disease,” said Valerie Robson and Greg Vowels, whose young dog Astro will participate in the study. “The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study gives us the opportunity to be proactive. We want to ensure future generations of dogs will have a fighting chance against cancer. As a family, we are so pleased that Morris Animal Foundation has taken on this study and continues to be at the forefront of prevention, treatment breakthroughs and possible cures for cancer.”

    The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is the first study in the overarching Canine Lifetime Health Project, a nationwide effort to fund groundbreaking studies that address prevention and treatment of canine diseases. Learn more about the study and join the Canine Lifetime Health Project at www.CanineLifetimeHealth.org.

    Source: Morris Animal Foundation


    Did you know... The most common locations for cats and dogs to develop squamous cell carcinomas are the skin, digits, and oral cavity, but tumors may also arise at other sites, including the cornea and bladder. Read More

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