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Practice Management

Doctor to Doctor Archive

    Doctor with clipboard

    The following articles appeared in Veterinary Forum's Doctor to Doctor series from 2007 to 2009:

    Calming the complainers (October 2009)
    Fixing fee complaints (May 2009)
    Form up for compliance (March 2009)
    Selling your surgery profit center (February 2009)
    Payment, please (January 2009)
    Using fees to steer your practice (September 2008)
    Polishing your policies (August 2008)
    Meticulous Medical Records (May 2008)
    Controlling your costs (April 2008)
    Diversify and do well (March 2008)
    Barriers to education (February 2008)
    Fuss-free visits (January 2008)
    Courting your clients (November 2007)
    Identifying your practice style (October 2007)
    "Keeping up your kennels" (September 2007)
    "Portraying a positive image" (July 2007)
    "Buffing up behind-the-scenes" (June 2007)
    "Becoming a Marketing Master" (May 2007)
    "Sending mindful messages to your clients" (April 2007)
    "Seal the deal with a winning first impression" (March 2007)
    "Creating a professional atmosphere" (February 2007)
    "Stat! Hints on Handling Emergencies" (January 2007)

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