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Compendium April 2007 (Vol 29, No 4)

Web Sights (April 2007)

    Click Here for a Cancer Consultant


    Are you nervous about trying to treat an oncology case in your practice and don't have the luxury of a nearby boarded veterinary oncologist? Now you can discuss your options, get treatment plans, and check in for advice--all online. Veterinary Oncology Consultants' mission is to assist other veterinarians in providing the highest possible quality of life for pets with cancer and their human families by making evidence- and compassion-based recommendations for patient care and by providing educational materials. Run by ACVIM board-certified veterinary oncologists, the site provides remote consultations (by phone, fax, or email) to veterinarians located anywhere. Consultations include information on the biology and behavior of particular types of cancer as well as recommendations for diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

    Big as Life


    The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society has posted an image of a life-sized blue whale on the Web to raise awareness about the dangers posed to the species by whaling. The banner gives viewers a glimpse of a life-sized, animated blue whale, the largest animal to have ever lived. The whale animation is composed of 10,000 images pieced together. A flash engine downloads the images on demand as the whale "swims" slowly across the screen. The complete image is over 80 megabytes. The image provides an interesting perspective on the size of these creatures. A smaller image is provided to allow viewers to click on the area of the body that they want to see. It's fun to realize the actual size of the blue whale's eyes and blowhole as well as hear the soothing ocean sounds. But patience is needed to get the full effect of the whale's size, which is, perhaps, the whole point.

    Legal Claws


    This Web site is under the auspices of the Michigan State University College of Law and offers users legal information about animals. Now in its fourth year, the site includes all state veterinary practice laws in the US, more than 700 full-text cases, expert explanations and materials, information on policies, publications, briefs, and historical documents. It also offers navigation by topic, law, subject area, and species as well as a general search engine for queries relating to animal law. Anticruelty law information is listed by state, with some information for specific cities. There is a fascinating feature that allows you to compare laws in the United States with those in other countries. The site specifically addresses 38 legal subjects, including the US Bald Eagle Protection Act, Texas anticruelty laws, animal rights, US animal welfare, and veterinary malpractice. If you want to learn about this growing area of law, this is a good place to start.

    Emailed Suggestions

    • funnyvet.com contains veterinary-themed cartoons by a veterinarian.
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    Did you know... A 2-minute scrub followed by a 30-second rub with 60% to 70% ethanol and chlorhexidine or povidone-iodine may be more effective for repeated surgical hand antisepsis than traditional scrubbing.Read More

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