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Compendium March 2009 (Vol 31, No 3)

The Editor's Desk — Meet Our New Online CE "Sister"

by Tracey Giannouris, MA, Executive Editor

    For more than 30 years, Compendium has been your trusted source for continuing education (CE), both in print and, more recently, on the Internet. Now, all of us here at Compendium are pleased to announce the expansion of our CE efforts with the launch of a new Web site: CECenter.com.

    CECenter.com, a companion site to Vetlearn.com (which comprises CompendiumVet.com, CompendiumEquine.com, SOCNewsletter.com, VetTechJournal.com, VeterinaryTherapeutics.com, and ForumVet.com), is devoted exclusively to providing interactive online CE to veterinarians and veterinary technicians. The mission behind the site is to provide veterinary practitioners with new, timely information that can be immediately incorporated into practice. To achieve this goal, we have gathered in one central location a wide array of CE activities, from peer-reviewed CE content from Compendium, Compendium Equine, and Veterinary Technician to presentations given by recognized experts.

    Our realization of the need for a dedicated veterinary CE portal crystallized with our recognition of the increasing number of veterinary practitioners who are using the Vetlearn.com and CompendiumVet.com sites to meet CE requirements. In an average month, approximately 145,000 registered users (43.3% of whom are practicing veterinarians; 47.7%, veterinary technicians; 3%, veterinary technician students; and 1.2%, veterinary students) visit Vetlearn.com. While there, they investigate a total of 200,000 pages (40,000 of which are clinical CE review articles) and obtain a total of 2,000 CE credits. Based on these numbers, we saw a clear need to expand our CE offerings by creating a companion portal dedicated to "all things CE."

    CECenter.com gives both veterinarians and veterinary technicians the ability to search for and participate in CE activities. In addition to the archive of our own peer-reviewed articles, CECenter.com offers exclusive, interactive, sponsored courses accredited by the Registry of Approved Continuing Education, as well as a complete list of CE requirements by state and links to CE programs from other respected sources such as the AVMA, the American Animal Hospital Association, and accredited universities and institutions. Other features of CECenter.com include a preview of upcoming courses and activities. Users get individual accounts that contain a permanent online record of their CE history and allow them to reprint any CE certificate at any time. And our plans call for more CE offerings—and more CE-related features and content—as CECenter.com grows throughout 2009.

    CECenter.com is accessible to everyone registered on Vetlearn.com or CompendiumVet.com, and registration is free. If you haven't already registered, we invite you to sign up now so that you can explore CECenter—and our other sites—for yourself. We are confident that, along with CompendiumVet.com, CECenter.com will become the preferred online CE source for you and your technician staff.

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