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Journal March 2010 (Vol 32, No 3)

NOTE: You have already passed this course.
NOTE: This course is no longer valid for accreditation purposes.

Surgical Views: Vacuum-Assisted Wound Closure: Clinical Applications

1. Which statement regarding the authors' use of VAC therapy to treat skin avulsion is correct?
2. Which is not a function of VAC therapy?
3. What is a potential complication of using a VAC bandage directly over an open abdominal incision?
4. Which statement regarding use of VAC therapy for management of surgical dehiscence is true?
5. Which statement regarding the use of VAC therapy to treat compartment syndrome is false?
6. Which statement regarding the use of VAC therapy to prevent postoperative seroma formation is false?
7. When the VAC system is used as a bolster dressing for skin grafts or flaps,
8. Which statement regarding abdominal or thoracic application of VAC therapy is correct?
9. Which statement regarding the clinical application of VAC therapy is true?
10. When VAC therapy is used to decrease the development of postoperative edema associated with arthrodesis, a pressure of ______ mm Hg should be used.
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