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Journal November 2011 (Vol 33, Issue 11)

NOTE: You have already passed this course.
NOTE: This course is no longer valid for accreditation purposes.

Purchase Examinations and Importation Requirements for European Performance Horses and Their Semen Entering the United States by Malte M. Harland , DrMedVet, Allison J. Stewart , BVSc (hons), MS, DACVIM-LAIM, DACVECC, Reinhard Böse , PD DrMedVetHabil

1. Swabs from specific parts of the reproductive tracts of mares and stallions are required to test for
2. EAV testing is recommended for
3. How many radiographs are required for standard German purchase examinations?
4. Up to how many horses can be shipped in one regular cargo box?
5. Is a pre-exportation quarantine necessary for horses being shipped from the EU to the United States?
6. Testing for CEM is required for
7. If a stallion intended for export from Europe to the United States tests positive for CEM,
8. Which of the following regarding the 2008 US CEM outbreak is true?
9. Which airport is not accredited for the importation of horses?
10. Infection with T. equigenitalis causes
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