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Equine November/December 2007 (Vol 2, No 6)

The Editor's Desk: "It's a Small Colon After All"

by James N. Moore, DVM, PhD

    With more than 3,500 equine practitioners and veterinary students converging on Orlando for this year's AAEP Convention, you might expect the folks at Disney, MGM, and Universal Studios to do something a bit special—perhaps a new large-colon volvulus ride for the kids, a hall of AAEP presidents in which Disney's animatronics wizards make past AAEP presidents "come to life," or the death-defying effects of Botox and collagen on "Aerophagia's" lead singer at the "Rock 'n' Roll Over Coaster." There are lots of possibilities.

    Like most equine practitioners, I refer to the convention as the AAEP, as in, "Are you going to the AAEP this year?," "Did you go to the AAEP in San Antonio?," or "Did you catch Bramlage and Madigan at the AAEP?," although the latter sounds a bit like a social disease. Without making too much fun of Sally Field, we like the AAEP, we really do! It gives us a chance to see what's new scientifically, reminisce with colleagues and professors, meet new people, be amazed at the number of students attending the meeting during school time, shield our credit cards as we stroll through the exhibit hall, and see who's put on weight. There's nothing else like it for us. Some of the other meetings are very good, but we're usually outnumbered and out of our element. This one's us through and through.

    This year's AAEP is a big one for Compendium Equine, too. It marks the first year the journal will "strut its stuff" as an AAEP Media Partner, which recognizes the journal as an educational resource dedicated to advances in equine health care and welfare issues. And, as if this weren't enough, the support of companies such as Veterinary Learning Systems and the AAEP's other Educational and Media Partners helps the AAEP maintain reasonable membership and event fees. So be sure to drop by the AAEP and Compendium Equine booths while you're at the AAEP and share any ideas you might have about making the journal and this partnership even better. And while you're enjoying the attractions in Orlando, perhaps you'll see me standing in line with the kids at the "Tendon of Terror," gulping down antiemetics and trying to build up my courage.

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