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Techniques to Assess Fetal Well-Being

1. Mares should be removed from endophyte-infected tall fescue pastures or by _____ days of gestation to avoid toxicity.
2. Prolonged gestatio in the mare has been defined as gestational length greater than _____ days.
3. Mares foaling in the summer have shorter pregnancies than mares foaling in the
4. In late gestation, the fetal heart rate tends to be approximately _____ bpm.
5. Which of the following may  be an indicator of impending fetal death?
6. Transrectal measurement of the CTUP may be more clinically useful than transabdominal measurement because
7. Amniocentesis in the mare has been used to detect experimental intrauterine infections with
8. In late gestation, mammary secretion concentration of sodium _____ and the concentration of potassium _____.
9. Tests that measure mammary secreation calcium carbonate concentration are more useful to predict when a mare will
10. Placental abnormalities may cause premature increases in mammary secretion concentration of
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