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Pathogenesis of Staphylococcus aureus Pneumonia by Amanda M. Martabano , DVM, DACVIM

1.S. aureus is a gram-positive spherical coccus and
2.Which surface protein(s) promotes attachment of staphylococci to host proteins and forms a part of the extracellular matrix?
3.Most severe clinical syndromes caused by S. aureus are a result of
4.Which is the primary defense mechanism protecting the host against staphylococcal infection?
5.mecA is significant because it
6.Manifestations of S. aureus infection in horses include
7.Which statement regarding thrombophlebitis is correct?
8.The most common site of colonization with MRSA appears to be the
9.Which statement regarding S. aureus is incorrect?
10.TSST-1 usually results in the following combination of clinical signs:
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