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Equine November/December 2007 (Vol 2, No 6)

Letters (December 2007)

    Perspective and a Sense of Humor in Clinical Practice

    Dr. Bo Brock's intuitive and insightful column ("Managing Your Practice and Life: Perspective and a Sense of Humor in Clinical Practice," May/June 2007) is right on target. Practitioners faced with a multitude of "problems" need to heed Dr. Brock's advice, especially when just starting in practice. I recognize his wisdom, but mistakes that allowed me to become a "grumpy old vet" early in my career came back to haunt me as I read the column. Dr. Brock had a good mentor in Dr. Deyhle of Clarendon, Texas, which is what it takes to obtain Dr. Brock's kind of wisdom early on. Thanks for the excellent column.

    Steve Hicks, DVM

    Palestine, Texas

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