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Hemostasis CE Article #2

1. Platelet adherence to the vascular endothelium during primary hemostasis is initiated via
2. How does the vascular endothelium prevent platelet adherence in healthy vessels?
3. Tissue factor combines with factor ________ of the extrinsic pathway to activate factor X, thereby initiating the common pathway.
4. Vitamin K is an essential cofactor in the carboxylation of glutamate during the activation of factors
5. The ability of antithrombin to bind thrombin, thus controlling the rate of clot formation, can be greatly enhanced by
6. During fibrinolysis, plasmin is responsible for the proteolytic digestion of
7. What are the two most important endogenous anticoagulants?
8. Functional assessment of the intrinsic and common pathways of secondary hemostasis is best determined by
9. During clot dissolution, which of the following tests best quantifies the activity of plasmin?
10. A deficiency of vWF, resulting in coagulopathy with a normal platelet concentration, PT, and aPTT, can be attributed to
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