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Depression and Hemorrhagic Diarrhea in a Thoroughbred Colt

Kristyn Close

A critically ill, 2-day-old Thoroughbred colt presented with depression and hemorrhagic diarrhea. Laboratory data revealed severe hemoconcentration consistent with severe dehydration, moderate hyperlactatemia, mild hypocalcemia, and mild leukopenia. Foaling was reported to be normal, and the referring veterinarian reported that the foal had an IgG concentration of 700 mg/dL (normal: >800 mg/dL) on blood testing. Diarrhea was first noted at 1 day of age and became hemorrhagic on the second day. Two days after admission to the hospital, the diarrhea became yellow and watery. Despite intensive therapy, the diarrhea continued until day nine after admission, when the colt’s feces became normal in color and consistency. Click here to read the whole case.

Clinical Snapshot: Depression and Hemorrhagic Diarrhea in a Thoroughbred Colt

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