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practicemanagement More on Practice Management

"I'm a Doctor, Not..."

Every Practice Needs a Manager

“I went to school to be a veterinarian, not a manager.” Have you ever said this? If so, maybe you should consider hiring a manager for your practice. Read this article for advice on how to figure what kind of manager you need.

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The Numbers Game

Numbers Down? Turn Them Around!

Is your practice experiencing a decrease in the number of transactions and/or clients you see? You are not alone. Many practices are experiencing the same phenomena. Let’s look at what you can do to reverse these trends!

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The Weighty Truth

How to Say..."Your Pet Is Fat!"

Pet obesity is an all-too-common problem, but it can be a touchy subject for pet owners. Read Dr. Vande Linde’s approach to talking to clients about their pet’s weight without putting them on the defensive.

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When It's Time

Bringing the Best of In-Home Euthanasia Into Your Clinic

Euthanasia brings an end to suffering for the patient, but it is a highly stressful event for a pet owner. Dr. McVety shares some advice from her practice on how to help ease clients through this emotional time.

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